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Great answer!

by Diveye - March 30, 2015 11:09 PM PDT - Camcorders

Thank you so much for answering boya84, your input was of great value to me. I've reviewed a lot of things since I first posted my questions and I've narrowed down greatly my research as to the camera I wish to purchase.
I used to have a Canon 650d before, so I believe what I'm really looking for is a "run and go" camcorder, therefore something closer to the PXW-X70 rather than the NEX-EA50UH, or as you mentioned the HDR-AX2000 would certainly be quite interesting too but it is out of price-range for me...
As for the XLR grip you were mentioning earlier I have never used one before but I wish to start doing so with my new camcorder and the codec available on the PXW-X70 (50Mbps in chroma subsampling 4:2:2) was one of the main features I was going for.
Thanks to you answer and my research I think I really managed to narrow down my choices camcorder-wise. Having already a descent shoulder rig to stabalize my would-be camcorder, I'm trying to find one that would combine ergonomics and high visual performances (especially when it comes to low-light) for an affordable price.. As it stands the PXW-X70 seemed like a very good choice for it had pretty much all I wanted from that perspective. But it remains an expensive upgrade to the FDR-AX100 from my point of view, and I was wondering if for the same price-range of the PXW-X70 there existed other camcorders that would suit my needs.

Once again thanks for the great answer this really helped me! (read more)

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