I don't buy it.

by aighaid - 5/16/13 2:51 PM

In Reply to: Absolutely by wpgwpg

Really? People in stores didn't talk loudly behind you until cell phones were in use? Perhaps it's the lack of the other end of the conversation that's really bothering you. Most of my life was spent without cell phones and I think they're one of the best things ever invented. I no longer have to worry when my grandchildren are late getting home--I can call and verify their safety. I can locate my traveling salesman husband to notify him of his business calls without worrying that he'll lose the customer before he gets the order. My phone usage is miniscule--but having the ability to call AAA in the middle of a dark night in a strange neighborhood far outweighs the so-called rudeness of strangers. Cell phone etiquette just hasn't caught up with the technology--use a little quiet peer pressure if you think it's warranted.