Me too

by dasoe - 5/15/13 5:54 AM

In Reply to: Absolutely by wpgwpg

Haha, I am with you. I too don't have a cell phone, except when being on a project. Then I am happy to have one. So I absolutey see the pros of cell phones: It is great, it is useful and convenient. It makes so many things efficient. What is strange to me, that so many people don't see - or won't admit - the disadvantages. Not only annoying people shouting in public at high volume to a mikrophone that is two inches from their mouths (which is rather silly if you choose to use your brain). Not only people standing in your way while claiming to be able to multitask (what they just proved to be wrong). Not only the fact that you are completely dependent - and also controlled by other people (I will never be able to handle the sheer rudeness of the question "where are you?" as beginning of a conversation). Not only the unpoliteness of people cutting a conversation in favor of answering a phone. (BTW: I counted how many (private, not work) dinners with other people passed uninterrupted by the use of a cellphone. Since I started it has been 2 - out of 60!).
But besides from all this the overall idea is strange to me: We live in a world that is convenient and useful and efficient to the highest. But being efficient may not always be the thing to strive for? I personally don't want everything in my private life to be efficient all the time. As an example: remember the days without satnav? I went for a drive with friends and we sometimes took the wrong path. It was never a problem - we were on a ride and we had great music on. We stopped and talked to people even! We always got there, and relaxed. And driving was part of the fun. The same friends nowadays are stressed if they take the first wrong turn (which happens with a satnav also of course). Probably before even. All in all driving turned into stressful business that has to be over as quickly as possible - mostly thanks to satnav and this strange idea of efficiency.
The same with cellphones. We used to talk about topics, finding out later and telling us about it; rather than being interrupted by waiting for the internet connection to answer the question. We used to hang pieces of paper (with handmade drawings even!) at the door of a closed bar, sometimes laying a sort of breadcrumb through the city; which in the end is much more fun than calling the friends 5 times before meeting them. (We also took an appointment much more serious, 'cause we just could not change it in the last minute).
I strolled the ciy, taking a lot of beautiful photos of backyards, when searching for an address (and again I talked to real people). I once found a friend by asking to do an urgent phonecall and ended up in her kitchen drinking cheap wine the whole night. Stuff like that. Life can be really beautiful while not being efficient.
So: I can imagine the world without a cellphone - in fact I live without one 95% of my time. Happily!