Are cell phones important?

by Cannonc2 - 5/15/13 5:13 AM

In Reply to: Absolutely by wpgwpg

I'm a senior, and spent the first 50 years without a cell phone, and the last 20 with one (I used one at work very early). It is reassuring to know I can reach out in an emergency, but I don't use the telephone part of my iPhone that much. But I welcome the applications and internet access the smart phone brings, and changed from an ordinary cell phone to an iPhone as soon as I first saw iBird Pro. I can now be in the woods and have all of my nature identification handbooks in my pocket, right on my smart phone. And enjoy the byproduct of being prepared for emergencies with my cell phone. And also make hands-free phone calls from my car while my phone is in my purse in the trunk. How can you beat that?

Yes, I'm annoyed by loud talking in public places and on the train. And by drivers talking and texting with only one hand and no brain available for driving the automobile.

But go back to doing without -- no!