Re: cell phone anti-social behavior

by BKellyS - 5/15/13 5:02 AM

In Reply to: cell phone anti-social behavior by accordeoniste

Well put, accordeoniste. I absolutely could live without a cell phone, but I think it is a fantastic tool. I love having instant access to any information, maps, email, texting and of course the phone iteself. Texting is a very convenient way to stay in touch with my family. That said, I do not use it for work, and I put the phone in my pocket when I am in a social situation. I will use it in public if I need a distraction such sitting in a waiting room or whatever, but I am always mindful of my surroundings and try not to impose on others by talking loudly etc, and avoid using the phone while driving. But there are so many people who can't seem to break from their phone in any situation, and I think often this is because they are avoiding interaction with strangers on purpose, sadly a sign of the times.