Talking and hands free

by momofmaxx - 5/14/13 9:43 PM

In Reply to: people talking by aeparker

I agree to most of the comments and yes, I, too remember not having ANY tech devices. I thought when I stepped into the 21st century in '03 when I purchased my first desk top PC, that would be the end of the tech stuff for me, but alas, it became an obsession. But, by that time I'd already had a phone installed in my car in the early 90's, and had it removed and traded up for a wireless hand held device. I'm sure most of you can remember those! My family went totally wireless, (no land line phone) in the late 90's.
now in 2013, I've had at least 15 different phones and two wireless laptops. My first smartphone was a Blackberry curve. Internet ready and thought I'd become the "bees knees.). From there it was on to my first ever iPod in '05 the first mini iPod). I am now typing this on my second iPad,a 4, recently purchases by trading in my iPad 2. Not sure about the iPhone 6, but I'll be sure to consider getting one when my current contract is up. That is if there is an iPhone 6.
Having said all of ten above, today I turned 64 and I love my gadgets and PC's,but, I have much respect for not talking too much in public places and I usually wait till I'm in my car, parked, to make a return call or read message. Siri will read anything to me on the road, but picking up the phone requires taking my eyes off the road and I'm not comfortable with that. So, old school that I am, I agree with all posts about the rudeness of folks and just plain ugliness of those who choose to walk and talk or walk and type. I can't do that anyway. Tried it once and almost landed in a trash can! Glad it wasn't the mall fountain that I fell in!
So, I guess I cannot be without my gadget friends and really don't want to be. I'm entertained, informed, and just plain nerdy! Pretty weird for a 64 year old Grandma! But hey, we are in the 21st century and we might as well stay up with as much as we can, after all, there's always room for more good technology right? And that's all for now folks!