I agree! I can easily imagine my life without a cell phone

by Scoobyfan - 5/14/13 8:38 PM

In Reply to: Absolutely by wpgwpg

I agree Wpg...

I grew up and managed just fine without a cell phone -- and cable!

It seems that people were a lot more friendlier and mannerly before cell phones. People actually talked to each other while visiting. They very rarely took a call on their landline let alone a cell phone.

People ask me over to do something for them...then waste my time and make me wait for them to finish while they take every call that comes in. Perhaps I will put Miss Manners to practice when she suggests, getting up to leave and saying, "Oh, call me when I won't be an inconvenience." However, nowadays, since common sense is no longer common, the other person might not understand.

I have a few other issues with cell phones -- and all modern conveniences after the 1980's -- all this stuff has to be upgraded, replaced or recharged. Batteries sometimes cost more than the item for which you are buying them.

Modern conveniences? They are not convenient when you get cut off (by the phone itself or another person using them), have to run out a buy new batteries -- or replace the item itself within a couple of years. I remember a time when washers and dryers, phones and TV's, radios, and hot water heaters lasted 30 years! Now I have my fingers crossed that they last for 3 years!

That said, I do like cell phones for their convenience and usuage during an emergency, but they have replaced the human connection! Then again, during an emergency, the cell phone is probably the safest way to go. It isn't safe anymore to flag down another motorist and ask for help -- of course, they would probably be on their cell phone and not even notice you!

One more thing, and I'm sure everyone can agree with this -- a cell phone takes away your "me time." When you went to the store, movies or church, you'd be able to focus on those events and activities without your boss or chatty friend bothering you. They would just call and leave a message on your home phone, and think, "Oh, they'll call me back," or "I'll try later." Now, people get made if you don't answer or have your cell phone available...then there's texting....

Modern conveniences have become high maintenence!