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by oterrya - 4/1/13 8:52 PM

In Reply to: To clarify, by l8rb

My main line with an unlimited data plan (not sharable) uses up most of $100. The other three lines (that easily share my unused minutes), one with a small data plan for one of them increase the base by almost 50%. Since you need two essentially full bore (or close) accounts with two different carriers, it makes sense. My carrier works excellently in my home area. Since I am retired, usability other places is normally less critical. In our travels, at one resort I had to go down to the main lodge and out on its back deck to get good reception. One other place, I actually had to leave the valley the town was in and go to the top of a nearby hill to use my phone. In both places, I did have email from the resort included Wi-Fi so it was not too bad. I can see where it might be different if I were still working -- fortunately for me, when I was, it was always in large cities where I had no problem whatsoever with my carrier.

Yes, why can't these carriers get along and share a little bit better? That would make our lives easier.
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