To clarify,

by l8rb - 4/1/13 4:55 PM

In Reply to: I wonder by oterrya

As I mentioned in the opening line, I have to consider 'both ends of the spectrum' coverage due to my useage needs. Because of that I have a 'Big-Boy' sevice for my primary smart phone, which runs $100/mo plus taxes, That covers me fine 70% of the time, but when I am at the other location, their coverage and service is not-so-good. This is also a locale that has NO access to CATV or DSL, and limited view for satellite coverage (also expensive!) so I have to use a secondary company's phone for better cell coverage and to get internet access. That runs another $85/mo plus taxes. Ergo +/- $200/mo.

I would dearly love to have either A) better internet options, or B) a more level playing field of actual cell coverage, but we're nowhere near that yet due predominantly to a greedy yet wimpy government. But that's just my rack of socks to bear <];-}

But, Thanx fer your concern...!