I have to split my time between two opposite end of the scale markets. The major would be no issue and would save me beaucous bucks...however the minor is a roaming area for some of the larger offerers, and most of the smaller ones. So that has to be factored in along with the need for net access and subsequently hot-spot capabilities.

I spent six months reviewing those very options nearly two years ago, and am starting the same process again now. I would dearly love to drop my $200/mo bill down to the $35-50 range with the same or more service, but I have issues with overpriced initial phone cost vs. coverage and/or additional services (internet accessability, road service, phone insurance). Plus, realistic advances aside, I am not a 'must have the newest thing' person, and am really torqued about having spent so much time and energy choosing my current phone, which I am now used to and have invested accessories for, only to be told I cannot use it on a different carrier. They finally fixed the number portability (admittedly reluctantly), why not the equipment? Just how much money does corporate America need to steal??