I use TMobile prepaid. $100 usually lasts me 3-4 months.

I already use TMobile prepaid. I paid for my phone in advance and have an unlock code. $100 usually lasts me 3-4 months. Mostly rely on our ATT Uverse WI Fi for data on our phones. Downloading books and other text and map data in advance. When my phone calling will total more than $2/per day( 20 minutes at 10cents / minute). I buy a $2 / day plan for unlimited calls and text and 2G data or a $3 / day plan for unlimited calls and text and unlimited 4G data. I have an alarm set daily 10:20 pm, to remind myself to cancel the daily plans and return to $0.10 / minute calls and texts. Careful management and use of home or public wi fi can extend one's prepaid balance. My wife's phone used primarily as a e-reader and for home web access and some phone calls and texting has lasted over 9 months on her first $100. The hotel/motel chain at which we regularly stay has free wi fi provided in room. ATT wi fi/ internet subscribers have access to many ATT wi fi hotspots around the USA.

Selected apps which make use of downloaded data offline can minimize data needs. e.g. NavFree USA provides excellent GPS navigation.

TMobile's new rates might be good for heavy data users, but for me they are not attractive. It would be great if T Mobile would make tethering available to prepaid customers.@ e.g. $4/day.