Will a non-contract offer cause me to switch carriers -- No!

I have been with the same carrier (AT&T) for approximately 16 years. My service has been overall pretty good. I have travelled to Mexico, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas, VI and had no problems using my phone. Of the places I have travelled where my service is not good, one place Verizon will rule and for another it will be T-Mobile with all of the others being not good. Switching carriers just means I would switch places with bad service. There is no point. I do not like to change equipment any more than I must so the two year contract is not a problem. It usually takes longer than that for me to want to change phones anyway. T-Mobile needs a business model that will allow it to make money over the long run so I cannot see how over an extended period of time, they will save me a lot anyway.

I will stick with what I have.

. . . . TA.