HTC G2 Digitizer/LCD

by onefivezero - 4/23/12 7:00 PM

Hi, my wife dropped her T-Mobile HTC G2, and broke the digitizer glass. The LCD was still working fine, but the glass was shattered. I ordered a replacement digitizer, and replaced it today. (Not so easy, compared to most phones, I had to remove like 30 crews, several layers and several ribbons etc. just to get to the digitizer. I buttoned it back up, and now the LCD is black, with colored lines running through it, as if it's damaged. I was extremely careful when replacing the digitizer... so my question is, is it possible the digitizer is causing this? or more likely that the LCD is somehow damaged? I have taken this thing apart and tripled checked all connections, and still no luck. The digitizer wouldn't affect the image output by the LCD right?