Net10 on HTC phone?

by monty_74 - 5/14/11 2:52 PM

In Reply to: Yes, there is a solution by LarryLain

I've been a Verizon customer for about 6 years. Most of that time, I've had a Windows Mobile 5 phone. This is one of the smart phones that was grandfathered in. However, I lost it in December and the warranty replacement was an HTC Ozone XV6175. Strangly, I now 'need' a data plan for my Smartphone to work. After HOURS of fighting Verizon in the store and over the phone line, I've gotten nowhere. I've been paying $15 a month and not getting any value out of it!

I'd like to keep my Windows Mobile phone, but I refuse to pay for data that I don't use. Can I buy a Net10 phone, activate it, and then move the SIM card to this 'Verizon' HTC phone? What would I not be able to do? What are the risks, other than saving money each month??