Page Plus=CDMA/EVDO, Tracfone=YMMV

by Pepe7 - 1/6/10 11:05 AM

In Reply to: rural coverage by rview22

Page Plus only uses CDMA/EVDO, and uses Verizon's footprint for primary coverage, partners for roaming. Verizon is well known, especially in the western U.S., for having superior non-urban coverage. Providing service in some areas where GSM still isn't present at all. Of course this may not apply where you live. It really depends on what your individual needs are in both handset/technology, coverage and services. Some trial and error will no doubt be involved, along with basic due diligence for anyone trying it out. "30 miles to a stoplight/15 miles for groceries" is really only speaking in general terms. Whether or not it will *actually* work truly depends on other factors that require one to test it out personally. Physical impediments affecting reception of radio waves such as topography or cell sites being down always factor in, along with roaming agreement changes that aren't updated on their maps in any one location (or multiple). You get the idea wink.

Unfortunately, Tracfone does not let you bring in your own handset since their service requires special software pre-loaded on the phone. In this sense you cannot bring in an unlocked GSM phone even though you had a perfectly good one laying around. Page Plus is more flexible in this regard since you could pick up your friends used Verizon branded CDMA/EVDO windows smartphone and simply activate it on the network w/o any special software. You avoid the data plan this way too.