Try Autoruns from Microsoft

Autoruns is a very small program (554 KB) from Microsoft. Here's the download page:

And here's the direct download link:

It's a part of the Sysinternals suite of system utilities which was later obtained by Microsoft. The whole suite is now available through the Technet channel.

Autoruns need not be installed. Just extract it from the downloaded ZIP archive and run it. It would show you the processes and programs that load during the startup time from so many areas in the system that you'll probably be amazed. It allows you to delete the entries as you wish. Thus, look for the entries that you see in the msconfig box and that you'd like to delete, and click the delete button after highlighting them. That's it.

(Before making the changes, backup the important data and the system too. Removing critical entries from startup list can result in a system no longer usable.)

Hope that was helpful. Cheers.