Clear 4G WiMax Modem & Linksys Router

by CassilineKnight - 11/6/09 8:27 PM

Okay I just got Clear and have set it up in my house.

I got the Clear Modem (Motorola modem) which is connected thru an ethernet cable to the Clear Voice (VoIP Adapter) which is then connected thru a second ethernet cable to my Linksys WRT610N.

Now I've got all the laptops and stuff connected to the Linksys router. That's fine and all. Upload and Download speeds are fine. Especially considering that the service just launched where I'm at (Raleigh, NC).

However the main issue I'm having is that it seems like webpages are loading slowly. Sometimes it's decent. A lot of times it takes forever. We tried going to Mapquest tonight and it still didn't load after 6 minutes. I finally gave up and went to Google Maps and got directions there and it was fine.

So I'm here asking for advice on what I can do to get the internet to be as fast and quick when it comes to loading webpages as it was with Time Warner Cable.

I know DHCP is enabled on BOTH devices. Everywhere I've gone to says that this is not what you want. My confusion though is WHICH device I should disable DHCP for. And if I do that will I need to do anything else to ensure that my wireless network is okay?

Last but not least aside from the DHCP being enabled on both devices I think both devices also have firewall security and NAT capability. So should I disable the firewall too for the device that I disable DHCP for?

The reason I'm concerned is because my 360 Elite is plugged directly into the Linksys router with an ethernet cable and it still took about an hour to download a 1.69 GB demo from XBox Live....

Thanks in advance.