Need laptop wireless internet service that can go anywhere..

by jkamemories - 3/13/08 10:23 PM

I am not sure if this is the correct forum or if I am phrasing this question correctly (using the correct terms...) so please bare with me and thank you for your help in advance.....

I have Comcast broadband network connection at home on my desktop and I can than use my laptop in other rooms. I have a Gateway MA3 Model Laptop with a Broadcom Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter. I have been able to find access away from home using free WI FI at coffee shops, hotels...etc...but what I want to do is have access to the internet when a wireless network signal is not available......for example at a friends house there are no signals available and they have dial up so instead of connecting to their dial up I want a card or whatever that will let me have wireless internet access. Is there like are there internet cards or plug in that I can take with me as I travel and have access without having to use someone else's network or dial up. Not sure the term I am looking for...or where to look. I heard Verizon has something like that for phones/ipods....can someone tell me the correct term and where to find them...what they recommend? I am not concerned with having a connection to my home desk top computer when I am away...just access to a high speed internet service without having to attach to a phone line. HELPPPPPP... happy