1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 260,000 mi. electrical problem

Hope this helps: This is a great vehicle! However a couple of years ago the battery started going dead. After much trouble shooting I discovered a questionable negative battery cable which was replaced. All wiring and connections seemed in good shape. The battery was still draining current. All systems and lights and electric windows worked fine. The battery was drawing approximately 188 milliamps with the key off and all lights and systems off. The average current draw should be approximately 22 amps . So, with a good battery and alternator and running the vehicle each day you would not notice a problem. However, if the vehicle sits for a few days it can run down the battery which was the case here. Circuit #7 (20 amp) was the circuit that was draining current. The body control module under the left dash seemed to be the culprit. I purchased a remanufactured BCM from AES/National Parts in Jacksonville FL with a one year warranty for $422. This cured the problem. After a year and a half the same problem occured. AES/National Parts sold me another BCM with a lifetime warranty for $355. This BCM did not work. (still had excess current draw). I sent the BCM back immediately to AES/National Parts to have them test it out. This company did not respond back. After many attempts I finally got in touch with the company to check on the status of this BCM and they told me "no returns on electrical parts"! DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AES/NATIONAL PARTS WHOLESALERS OF JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA! THEY HAVE NOT RETURNED MY PART OR MY $ AND I FIND THAT THEY HAVE HAD HUNDREDS OF COMPLAINTS AGAINTS THEM! Meanwhile, I purchased another BCM from a company in Tennessee and it has worked perfectly now for several months. These BCM's cannot be had through Chrysler, and only a few shops remanufacture them so you are at their mercy. However, the shop in Rogersville TN (Automotive Scientific) gave me good service. Also had to replace my Engine control module due to stalling engine problems. Purchased this one from a shop in Davie Florida which solved that problem. Good luck!