The Famous Jeep Grand Cherokee Electrical Problem

I have similar problems, but figured out what the problem is. Fixing is another story. most thank it is the computer, close but not quite. The electrical plugs that plug into the computer are bad more than likely from just being old. It may be one plug or all. In my case just one. When it doesn't start I push in and pull up on the plug while someone else starts it. Starts right up no problem. How u can tell if that is the case, while it is running jiggle each plug one at a time and see witch one shuts off the engine by touching the plugs or starts to stall it. I'm used to this by now, been dealing with this for about 3 years now. It sucks when your at a light and it turns off for no freakin reason, and your by yourself now u have to jiggle the plug and hope its in the right position to start, or back to the plugs and do it again till it finally starts. Don't know if that will help everyone's problem but hopefully it helps someone. To replace the wires just isn't worth it for me. But if someone knows of someone in the south Florida area who will do it for a good price let me know.