Re: Gauges and Warning Lights

by frabuk - 3/29/12 4:48 AM

In Reply to: Guages and warning lights by drmbd

I too own a 2000 Jeep GC and have had the same problems for over 2 years and have had to live with them I as well do not have the money to waste on the dealer doing hit and miss diagnostics. I have found a fews things that have helped me live with the problem. Sometime they work and sometimes they don't, it depends on the temperament of the Jeep at the time. Here are a couple of things you can try. If the gauges go out while diriving and your key fob still works, you can click the lock and unlock buttons on the fob (while it is in the ignition). This triggers something that will allow the windows and gauges to work briefly. I use this to set my cruise control, for some reason this will still work when everything else doesn't. It will also trigger the AC compressor to start running. I have also found that I have to go under the hood to the power distribution center next to the battery and just pull out a couple of the 50 amp fuses. They are the ones that control the windows. When looking at the box they are both on the far right side of the box. Sometimes I just have to pull the front one and sometimes I have to pull the front and back. By pulling the fuses, I don't have to disconnect my battery. This seems to reset the computer. As I said, this problem is finicky. It doesn't always work and sometimes it resets itself by letting the vehicle sit. Another thing I have found is if your key fob doesn't work, you can use the lock/unlock switch on the passenger side of the vehicle. Hope these tips help you out. Like I said, I stumbled across these fixes and have been using them since September of 2009. Good Luck!!