Ford Focus 2.0 SOHC and DOHC Problem Easy Fix Huge headache

by aws_skater74 - 5/29/10 10:58 PM

To start of with the Ford Focus 2.0 DOHC An SOHC share similar problems. People always come in to me complaining that their focus is running rough mainly at an Idle and will stall out when coming to a stop or when sitting at Idle to long. Well before you go spend a lot of money hunting down a problem check your vacuum line at the back of the throttle body where you air intake tube connects into. It is very easy to locate this.
Step 1. Reach toward the very back of the motor in between the firewall and throttle body.

2. You will see a hose coming off the back of the throttle body with an elbow attached to the throttle body.

3. Grab the little 90 degree elbow and feel for any holes or weakness this would be considered a vacuum line leak .

4. If you feel a hole replace the hose its about 38 dollars at your local dealer .

5. If you do not feel a hole in the elbow follow up the line and try to feel for any more holes in the line it should go all the way up to your valve cover and work like a pcv valve system.