Jeep Grand Cherokee 98

by kiyro123 - 9/13/09 10:02 AM

In Reply to: MAP Sensor by blairjadwin

My Problem my truck just turned off out of the blue. I was using it just fine worry free. I pulled up to a gas station and it just shut of on me without any warning. After that, It wouldn't start up again. It would crank over, but not start. I do my own mechanical work so the first thing i checked was the fuel pressure. Pressure was good. I changed the spark plug cables and distributor cap/rotor because there was no current. No luck. I installed a brand new crank sensor and a pick up coil. no luck I the found t burn out resistors. I replaced them and BINGO!!, for now...? The truck started and ran fine, but 15 - 20 minutes later it started misfiring and getting lazier and stalling more and more until it died on me. Would not turn on after that. 1 hour later, it would turn on with no problems at all. 15 minutes after, same thing would happen. I ordered a new computer after checking the fuel pump and making sure the fuses were the correct amps. Still no luck. Please help. anyone out have any suggestions?