97 Jeep Grand Cherokee cranks won't start- no spark or fuel

by JeepMysteryProb - 5/31/09 10:02 PM

I picked up a 97 Grand Cherokee with a mystery problem and I need some help.

Here is the rundown- When I turn the key on i get no guages, no idiot lights below the guage cluster. There is no power going to the fuel pump and it is producing no spark. It turns and cranks but will not start. There was a hack job installation of a remote start when the previous owner had it. I can't even see how many miles are on it because the guages will not turn on.

I was thinking it was the computer or the power distribution center but I am seriously stumped here...


-No Spark
-No fuel pump (or no power going to fuel pump)
-The guages do not work, and will not show mileage
-It cranks but no start

what the heck is wrong with it?!

Please help me