Being that I'm a 16 year old boy, I thought I'd give my opinion on this. To me, the internet is just another part of the world. the act of typing comes to me as if it was a second language. The act of logging into an account is the same as opening a door. The Internet and the Physical world are, in one way or another, one in the same. Just like the worl, though, I know there are opportunities for me to do things which wouldn't be the best of choices. Seeing as I don't use facebook or twitter (because my parents don't allow me to, and frankly, I don't see the point of these sites) the problem of "Cyberbullying" isn't really a problem, neither is oversharing. Just as I have enough common sense not to approach strange looking men and/or women, I also have the commo sense and knowledge to avoid "Predators" (Which in my opinion are only a problem for younger children). The main problem I run into on the internet is bordom and using it at the wrong times. Many a times have I been caught using internet in the wee hours of the morning, or when I'm supposed to be working, just because I was bored or not interested in the task at hand. This same bordom also has lend me, and many other unknowing teens to sites and content which would make our mothers wince. In short, I think that the interent will continue to intergrate itself into our lives, and just as my parents have to teach me the ways of life, it is also important to teach us to apply the lessons from life to the digital world.