Computer hard to use

The reason that computers are so hard to use is that they are (particularly when connected to the Internet) the most complex thing that mankind has as yet devised. In order to use a computer effectively, that is, to have it achieve YOUR objectives, and not put you in a position where your behaviour is tracked, analyzed, and used to exploit you, you have to understand how the whole thing works. In this way you will b able to get what you want from your computer, not what others want, to confuse you and get you to do and buy things for their benefit and profit.

Along with millions of others, I use Linux, exclusively, and have done so for more than 10 years. It is made by people who want only to provide a tool for you to use, and it is the result of the efforts of hundreds of thousands of people who have freely given their work to you, with no thought of gain for themselves, other than the community recognition they naturally receive from their good work.

I never use Windows. I am appalled to think of (and often, unfortunately, to share in) the suffering of the hundreds of millions who use this horrible disaster. Get rid of Windows on your computer, install Linux, and never look back. You will not regret it.

But, if you use Linux, you have to pay your dues. This means, you have to study it and learn how to apply it to your needs. It would be nice, also if you would give 100 dollars or so annually to the Free Software Foundation, to support their efforts on your behalf.

So why don't you just get rid of Windows, and try Linux? It won't be "easy". Nothing that is easy is worth doing. It will take a few months of effort (say 30 minutes a day), but in the end, you will find that you are the master of your tools, and not the other way around. For instance:

I search Google (via the excellent Firefox browser) in a way that my searches are not personalized and tracked.

I have Firefox plug-ins installed that:
*remove all the advertisements I don't want to see from the web pages I visit.
*allow me to easily and automatically remove all the intrusive "cookies" from web sites I don't want to keep tabs on my behaviour.
*eliminate all the Adobe "Flash" stuff, unless I choose to see it, and also automatically remove the insidious "Flash cookies" I bet you don't even know about.

All this happens, for me, regularly and automatically. I also automatically update 1129 free applications I have installed on my computers to the latest stable versions, without having to do anything or worry about it. I have free applications installed for just about anything you can imagine including, in addition to all the security and virus protection, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation creation, scanning, telephony, etc, that Windows applications offer, video and sound editing, video creation, optically scanning images to editable text, playing and creating DVD's, etc.

All of this is absolutely free, as in free speech, and, more often than not, free beer.

But, you have to learn how to use Linux, like you have to learn how to drive a car or play the cello. If you are unwilling or unable to do so, you have my sympathy. There are thousands of people and forums and publications out there on the net that will gladly help you. Gratis. But, you have to try. And, it won't be "easy" initially.

Otherwise, you will just be stuck there in the "Windows" mud, angry and frustrated, complaining that "computers are so hard to use" forever. And you will remain your computer's servant, and not its master. And all those hucksters out there will be tracking your every move, trying to figure out how to exploit you.