mostly a casual gamer

-- Can you remember when you started using computers? 1985 a tandy 1000

-- Would you say this was an easy process to get to grips with? It was fairly easy but I gave up until high school computer class.

-- Since then, has your journey been straightforward, and if not, can you remember what some of your challenges were? My first experience was a little frustrating. I gave up for years and went back at it in high school. I gave up again until my 20's and now I've built six systems for family and friends.

-- Do you have any challenges even now? Software is always changing too fast and not user friendly enough as many posts have stated. I have skipped several windows operating systems while waiting for the next one.

-- Did you/do you have any coping strategies? Yelling at things doesn't work although I do it anyway. I use google and forums alot.

-- Looking back, do you think the challenges you faced are any easier to tackle now? More knowledge and experience are a wonderful thing, but the problems progress as I age as well.

-- On a typical day, how long will you be interacting with computer devices? Anywhere from zero to four hours. I do not work with computers as I am a heavy equipment operator.

-- Do you appreciate the extended functionality/increasing pervasiveness of computing now? Yes
Good luck with your research.