RE: Why are computers still so difficult to use?

-- Can you remember when you started using computers? 1988. First computer was a Commadore 64. I was five years old at the time I started play with computers.

-- Would you say this was an easy process to get to grips with? Yes, as I got older I got better.

-- Since then, has your journey been straightforward, and if not, can you remember what some of your challenges were? Home PC easy. Work PC not so easy. We program logic controllers and with new upgrades to Windows 7 old software is not supported. We have to keep certain softwares and the XP Mode does not always work with each software package. We have desktops and laptops to take to the field. Some clients have ancient equipment and I have to do dos programming to get the software to run sad

-- Do you have any challenges even now? Yes, typically from software. Sometimes hardware. Work computers are loaded with tons of software. The main problem is they all want to be your main software package and at times overwrite existing files that other programs use. Some programs also use system resources and the process has to be ended in order to make those resources available for other programs to run.

-- Did you/do you have any coping strategies? At first you don't succeed try Tech Support. If you don't have tech support then google it. The issues I get are typically not on google sad

-- Looking back, do you think the challenges you faced are any easier to tackle now? Nope. Sometimes tech support has never encountered my problems so we solve it together.

-- On a typical day, how long will you be interacting with computer devices? 8-12hrs.

-- Do you appreciate the extended functionality/increasing pervasiveness of computing now? Computers are way better now than before. I do appreciate the growing functionality of computers but not the unreliability of them. I program PLC's and these items are small computers that only run the program I write and that means no viruses or software incompatibility.