Tell that to the folks at Adobe and Microsoft

by Larry Launstein Jr - 2/21/11 6:34 AM

In Reply to: Why are computers difficult? by saprising

A big Amen to those who just posted saying that computers are still confusing to a lot of people in the general population. And I think that's who Ronald was trying to reach in his survey. It is good that he gets answers from experts, but he is also getting a good representation from the average computer user. And a big Amen to Rob10 and Saprising about how the need to make computers easier to understand - in layman's terms.

That was one of the greatest gifts given to me, by a friend from a local chamber of commerce - asking me to explain things not in computer-speak, but in layman's terms. Take the time to define in terms people will understand some of the terminology and technical mumbo-jumbo. I just wish Adobe and Microsoft would do all of this with ease of use in mind. They should take people out of the colleges and universities, and out of design firms, and off the street for some programs, and have them actually test the product before it's released. To me, it's more important that the product is truly user-friendly than full of complex goodies.