Warranty is mandatory, but afterweards ?

by varun8 - 12/15/07 5:07 AM

In Reply to: Are extended warranties worth it? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

Every new product you buy comes with a warranty of usually 1 year. A lot of electronics products either fail immediately due to a production error which will be covered under your warranty.

The issue is that electronics prices tend to fall quite fast. So you paid 699 for your newest gadget and it breaks down after e.g. 15 Months (you 1 year warranty has only just expired). Your extended warranty only covers you for the product you bought. it will be repaired or replaced. I am sure your extednded warranty cost at least 10% of the purchase price69. probably the product you bought for 699 can now be bought for 299 or newer much more attractive products have replaced it. You probably would prefer to ahve the vew one.

Just get a piggybank and every time you buy an item put the money for the extended warranty in the piggy bank. I am sure that when a device fails you will have enough in your piggy bank to buy the latest and greatest. Remember these insurance policies in many cases offer as mcuh as 60% commissions to stores and agents.

I would only recommend a warranty when you buy a very expensive item, that you know will not reduce in price and if it failed you would be unable to replace it, but I doubt any electronics product qualifies.