Former RadioShack 10+ year employee says NO

by fireant3 - 12/13/07 12:50 PM

In Reply to: extended warranties by Kitty I

These warranties are generally a rip-off unless you have special circumstances. For instance, one of the few times I ever bought one was on a $200 S-VHS VCR. Knowing that I was going to basically abuse this VCR by constantly running it, many times with very old tapes, made the $29 warranty worth it, I thought. Nope. Never needed to use it. So I won't say that they're ALWAYS a rip-off; just about 98% of the time. Is it really going to be that tragic an event if you have to replace an item that's probably already had serious improvements made to it? Example: My surround sound receiver. I bought it in 2000 and it's been a champ. It has Dolby Digital and DTS, but just 5.1, not 7.1. It has 3 optical inputs, but no HDMI. Now, if this breaks, do you think I'm going to be that sad to have to go buy something that's superior for the same money that I spent in 2000? (Meaning I'm actually spending what, 2/3rds or half as much in real dollars.) This is why it just doesn't pay with electronics. I'll be happy to upgrade when this receiver breaks. Also, there's a good chance you're going to get jerked around when you try to use the warranty. I admit that I don't even buy that replacement deal on tires any more either. I don't care that it's only $15 on an $80 tire. I'm still going to save money in the long run by never buying these and just going ahead and buying another $80 tire if I have to. And guess what, I have a funny feeling that the tire shop that I have built a relationship with might go above and beyond in some way, like give me a discount, if I have to do this. If you're not poor, self-insure. Oh yeah, a little bit on my extended warranty selling "career" at RadioShack-- live every other company, they harped on all the workers constantly about hard-selling that crap. Why? Because it's so hugely profitable for them. What does that tell you?