can you afford to replace it?

by riddle823 - 12/7/07 5:26 PM

In Reply to: Are extended warranties worth it? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

i sell everything from the big ticket tvs to the entry level dvd players. if its a major purchase to you, buy the warranty. if its not a big deal for you to replace it, just replace it if it breaks. if your paying for your complete home theater with your Black card then the warranty probobly isnt a big deal to u. if you've saved and waited and kicked it around for a year for this once every 10 years purchase, drop an extra couple bills to protect it for the next 5 years. but dont say never buy them. the people that say never buy them are the first ones to cry on the phone to a manager and yell at them when six months down the road the "manufacturer defect" warranty wont cover their broken tv and now they want the store to just give them a new one. my favorite question from a customer is "you dont stand behind your product?" and all of them say it and then they realized it wasnt just some used car salesman tryin to make an extra buck by selling them the warranty and that in fact they the customer did not know everything like they thought they did. and the answer to the guy thats yelling at the 17 year old girl at customer service or that over the phone hard ass thats questioning how we stand behind our product: stores dont actually make the product bub, they just offer a service to protect you and when they offerd it to you u probobly said something like "nah, i'll gamble"