Turn On Your Brain At This Time

Maybe you should try to have a little perspective on things. Yes, this issue DOES have bearing with terrorist issues. Maybe, because you haven't lost someone you love due to a terrorist attack, you don't care what happens or what regulations are put in place. Sure, it may seem simple to some people. If you will use your brain and think a little, you will understand that this opens more windows for terrorist. More opportunities, More attacks. Maybe your one of the people that should have lost someone, and you would understand that something this simple to you, could mean life or death to someone else. I thank God your not in charge of making decisions. Apparently, you sit at your computer ALL day and criticize others! It's pointless! And yes, there are rules in place now that minimize the risk. Before boarding you can be made to take the batteries out of your cell phone and laptop to show that it is not a detonator. Well, if we can use the phones on the plane, do you realize they would have to check EVERY phone? Do you realize how long that would take? So, in conclusion to your response my advice is, "Please turn on all brain functions at this time".