No phone

by infamouschris - 9/14/06 6:31 PM

In Reply to: Going Postal on planes by jbroberts

So I have sat here today seeing what the comments were on mobiles on planes, the thing is they are going to be used and as a customer you can vote with your wallets, I am for using phones as I am a considerate user and my phone is also my MP3 player and camera so it does lots of things for me, now the thing is most on here hace said no to the phones yet in the UK Ryanair a budget airline will be bringing them into service soon and they say it will cut down the cost of flights, you should be given some choice as to phone area or not as that would solve some of the problems. I get to check in well early and specify no children near me as I hate to face a journey with the child from hell screaming in my ear, so to su, it up the carriers will not have the phone use if it is not profitable, they will have though about the seating of people who wish to use the phones as you will pay a premium for the service so I would expect if you wanted to use your phone you would know and tell them, now no one can tell me that a phone conversation is worse than a crying baby, so stop sayin "no way" and I won't fly" when you know you will fly if the price is right.
There are so many things that cause anoyance on flights such as the fat smelly man you always get stuck beside or on one trip I was sat beside a vegatarian who asked me not to eat my meal infront of her.
Stop maoning people don't condemn a technology because of precoceived ideas of noise, the cost of the call will make it an expensive option that will only be used for important matters, let everyone do as they please but just have the ,ammers to be polite and ask them to please keep it down a bit, but then at the same time don't sit beside them on a plave and snore, dribble, or allow your children to play up, instead of looking for a reason to moan instead look at your own behaviour and think are you causing any distress to others