within 100 miles of towers? no wonder!

by Marysue - 9/14/06 11:16 AM

In Reply to: Yes I've had success by ghosh.subhodeep

Yeah, well that must be reason the reception's not that available up here! Not too many towers out of the urban areas.

Cell phone would be nice yto be available in an emergency! Fortunately, the reception for pilots is not quite as bad, most of the time--however, in some bank areas--it's pretty dicey! Even satellites or bag phones only work in rare places, and only if Jupiter aligns with Mars between 2PM-2:05 GMT. So if the 9/11 attacks had happened up here, no one would have been able to call anyone else. The only terrorists we have up here are Corporate Executive Officers, and most couldn't fly a kite, never mind manouevre something as big as a plane into a thin building. However, their lazy, greedy and bad decisions can be just as destructive (mines exploding, mills mishaps, chemical leaks killing thousands, ships sinking, etc.)...all of which sadly creates work for me as a paramedic:*(