Spyware blaster

by morninglory - 8/24/06 8:02 AM

In Reply to: try Spyware blaster... really works great by iconeyes

Read your post, want to try Spyware blaster. However,
I have another problem. My computer recently shut down to keep from damaging Windows (my d***a** roommate went to a porn site) so anyway, I had to reinstall Windows. Everything works pretty much OK except there are SOME links that won't open when I click on them, for instance, your link to Spyware Blaster. Also some in my e-mail won't open. I have adjusted my security settings a thousand times, to no avail. I don't know what else to do. I also do surveys and when I click on the link to them they also don't open. Can anyone help me? Thanks a bunch!
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