Better how, it certainly isn't security.

Ever think there was a reason we hate MS. Maybe it has something to do with being forced by monopolistic power to use insecure software.

I grabbed a random version of MS windows, and it is supposed to be a secure one (that is what the server eans), and has highly critical security holes.

take a look at any Mac OS, BSD or Linux. They can all be trusted more with your data. the first version of linux got in my search was astaro security linux, not a fair comparison, 0 of 3 flaws unpatched, let me find something more mainstream mac OS X 0 of 73 flaws left unpatched.

or check out these web browsers

Secure software can't be written, but MS chooses to force other software down our throats. and don't give this security though obscurity arguments. the Apache web server has 60%+ marketshare, and still most of the web server hacks occur in microsoft IIS, which has less than 20% marketshare.