Movie Storage for D-Link Media Center

I'm a movie fiend and save all my movies to external hard drives. I have one dedicated media server computer and the D-Link Media Center. I currently have 6 external hard drives on that computer (3-120GB Seagates, 3-200 GB Maxtors. All run 24 hours a day inside a home entertainment case with exhaust cooling fans at the top rear. So far no problems and they've been running for almost a year.

I also have 2 more of the 200GB drives on my main computer as spares when I fill the others up. I bought all the drives when they were on sale $30 for the Seagates and $40 for the Maxtors then put them in inexpensive aluminum external hard drive cases ($15 each).

The media computer is a "reconditioned" IBM (low profile) 1.8 GHZ Pentium with 256 MB RAM that I got from "TigerDirect" for $200. I upgraded the RAM with another 256 MB ($19) and a 16x DL DVD R/W on sale for $30.

I would recommend using ext. cases with an exhaust fan though as they do run hot but at the price I paid and with the original movies on DVD's I'm not too worried about drive failure after the warranty is out.

The IBM form factor only has room for one hard drive so the external drives were the only way to keep my whole media center under budget.

I have no monitor on the media computer and use "LogMeIn" to access it for maintenance and transferring files. With over 200 high quality movies to choose from with a click of the remote and under $500 I'm happy. happy