Use of External Hard Drive.

I use a 160 GB Hard Drive to store data during processing of Video Files.
The files in quwtion, at the moment, consist of 16 and a Half hours of silent movies I had converted to DVD.
I edit, add comentary and music and burn to the finished product.
If the drive should fail then I have only lost the data on the current 1 hour of video.
As I can copy the original again the worst that can happen is I lose the time I have spent editing and adding commentary and music.
In passing I must add that this process considerably enhances the movie as it is converted from 18 frames per second to 25, (PAL) thereby giving a smoother picture.
I use ULEAD Studio 9 as I find this a more stable and user friendly application than its rivals
I also store second backup of 1500 colour slides I
have scanned and compiled on a database

Keith Hume