Cable Is better, I apologize to the sattelite fanatics.

Don't get me wrong Sattelite is great if you know the trick to get all the pay channels free, which I had for two years, so no complaints there. However when the Sat company in my area finally cracked it down, I had to start paying for TV (something I did not do in a long time).

Anyhow, here are the main reasons why I beleive Cable is better than satellite (IN MY AREA -- Toronto - Canada --)

1. cable provides, and this is a fact, dont read this on websites call the companies to compare, way more multicultural channels.

2. cable provides MORE HD channels (Thats a fact, check it out if you want)

3. Cable has more variety of Channels than Satellite, (General # of channels)

4. Cable has ON DEMAND, and whoever says "who cares" about on demand, your living in a different decade.

5. You can also splite many cables and have regular cable, all over the house , any room (advantage if you have a big home).

6. Cable has way more sports channels that sat companies don't have since they cannot get the contracts (look it up)


I will admit a one thing that Sat has better than cable :

Channel Packaging is better with satellite which can make it a bit less expensive to certain consumer's with special demands for channels. Therefor for certain ppl (who want to save money) can pay a bit less for satellite, however not that much.

Most cable and satellite companies have bundles now, so if you want to save money pick one of the other (if both companies have internet, wireless and homephone -- like the cable and sat companies in our area), since you have a lines a business with one company you will save more by bundling (getting certain %'s off each service cost.

Anyhow, with that said, Cable beats sattelite hands down, I personnaly would like to pay a bit more money everymonth for a better quality service.