Problem downloading Quicktime program

by Kisoro - 2/27/13 9:06 AM

In Reply to: Somethings off here. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I think I should have perhaps posed my question in the computer technology section?

I've gone through the full rigmarole again of trying to transfer my photos to my computer to ensure I've gone through the correct procedures. Essentially nothing happens when I connect my camera to the USB port. And when I insert the card into a USB stick again nothing happens. I don't get any messages recognising my camera or the card.

In My Computer, when I click on the camera icon (plus model indentification etc) a message pops up saying The properties for this item are not available. When I click on the scanner and camera wizard in Control Panel, I get a message saying - This computer cannot detect the scanner or camera.Please make sure the device is turned on and is properly connected to the computer (which I do. and is).

When I click on the camera entry under Add/Remove programs, I get a message saying - The properties for this device are not available. And soon after a window pops up telling me to install QiuickTime 6 or greater.

When I contacted Olympus about the problem originally, they told me to uninstall and install Quicktime. But Quicktime refuses to uninstall or Repair and a window pops up saying Fatal Error during installation.

When I looked in the Registry Editor originally, I was looking for QuickTime and of course didn't find it and assumed I had removed it .However the details are still there, under Apple Mac inc, and presumably the two error notices could be resolved in there?

My camera is an Olympus Camedia C-770 which has the facility to record a video which I presume is where QuickTime comes in? I wonder why though the computer won't recognise my camera and yet displays details of it?