Adobe has not provide an answer.

by MarkKAPC - 9/17/12 2:24 PM

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I have spent hours going down rabbit holes on Adobes' site. I used the link you attached - thanks - and tried to Online Chat but could not get through. I have been to Tetra4D as I too saw Adobe has them as some sort of strategic partner. I have left a question to Tetra4D without word. I think they may be exclusive to AutoCAD and I am using SketchUp. I am willing to buy any software that will do what I want I just cannot find it. I am a month-to-month subscriber to Adobe Creative Cloud and am about ready to purchase the SimLab conversion program. I have tried one other conversion software called RPS but it had less control than SimLab and would consider Tetra4D if it was compatible with SketchUp. I have even started a conversation with SimLab to purchase the developer software option but I'm not sure my one semester of C++ is enough experience. I appreciate your input if you have any other ideas I'll chase them down. Thanks