Corrupted files (photos) when copying to new external drive

This answer to the original question to someone else here was somewhat helpful but all this talk about old software does not apply to my question that I just entered below in response. I just made all new photo files uploaded from my same camera and software for the past years and right up to moments ago. When I have copied them all now to the new external hard drive, many or most of the photo files when the new opened files are retrieved from the new external hard drive, have colored horizontal bars randomly through many of the photos. This is all compatible software as smae make and standard equipment. A high grade nearly new Toshiba laptop and the new external drive is a Toshiba; the camera equipment is a Sony Cybershot and just brand new Sony Alpha NEX5. All files were originally transferred and created to Photoshop CS5 as many formated TIF, Jpeg, Camera Raw. It does not seem to matter what format- It seems to be that the general copying to another drive is losing integrity somewhere.

I know that you probably need more information but I feel like Dave in 2001: A Space Odyssey, when the HAL9000 computer kills Frank and then Dave asks HAL "Do you know what happened?" HAL: "I'm sorry, I don't have enough information."

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