I have the same problems with my digital photos!

I am experiencing the same issues...split images, gray bars, split and differing colors except these are the images stored on my internal hard drive not an external drive. I finally found a limit to my limitless patience! I have approximately 14K photos stored on my drive, with more being added weekly. The issues I mentioned above are becoming more prevalent.

For me the problem seems to be only on my Vista machine. I took the SD card out of the camera and loaded the pictures into the card reader on XP machine and no problems..they were fine. I then took the SD card and loaded it into my Vista machine and I noticed that about 20 of the pictures were corrupted. I used GIMP and did a "save as" to the same name and they all appeared to be fine so I copied the file to my hard drive on the Vista machine and three pictures showed up as being corrupted. I attempted to use GIMP again but this time GIMP generated a corrupted file error message. So I just deleted the corrupted photos.

I hope someone finds a fix for this.