File has corrupted...

I have experienced the same issue with some photos from my old drive being transfered to the new drive.

Before I recommend what can be done, do consider taking out the whole HDD and then install it into another PC or as an external HDD drive. This is to ensure that it is not an OS issue and to ascertain if it is the file has been corrupted.

If the files has exhibited the same issue in the other PC, try copy the files into an SD card and go through some file recovery programs such as Sandisk's RescuePRO and see if the files can be recovered.

Always treat HDD storage as 'unsafe' and always burn images into reputable branded DVD-Rs (no RWs) as a 1st backup. I always have 3 hard disks in my PC, one hard disk Partitioned only for Operating system, another partitioned hard disk for My Documents. 2nd and 3rd Hard Disk is for my image collections with one of them as a working Hard disk for image manipulation. So at any one time I would have at least 2 back up of my images.

Hope the above helped