Who corrupted the images?

This is a bit of a stretch but...

I had some scanned documents stored as *.TIFF files on my system. The files were viewable by a variety of programs. Later, to help classify them, I would right click on them, and in "Properties", under the "Details" tab, I would "Add a Tag". So far, so good. But I *did* notice that the files got a LOT bigger. For example a 7K file, after the two word "tag" phrase was added, grew to 13K. This surprised me, as the file was not being "tagged" off on the side, it was instead being re-written with the tag information somehow embedded.

The result? Several of the programs that could previously read the *.TIFF files, now said the files were corrupt, while other programs could still easily read the files.

Is it possible that you have used some photo album type program, that may have inadvertently modified the files in an effort to catalog or organize them (or retouch them)? If so, there is a glimmer of hope. If you can find the original program that modified your files, then it's possible that *that* program can still read the files, even if your *current* program shows up with the gray bars.

One clue is to check the date the files were last modified. Do those dates correspond to when you think they were *created*? Or is that date much later, when perhaps a well-meaning program *modified* them?

Like I said, it's a stretch, but worth noting.

p.s. I was using Vista which corrupted the file when the tag was modified. And it was a Microsoft Office Document Imaging program that claimed the files were corrupt....while some third-party programs could still read them. Microsoft. Go figure.