Live Continuous Automatic Photo Collage Program

by mrabinox - 7/22/09 4:22 AM

For an event, I am trying to make the following installation:

There is a camera which takes photos continuously (either on a timer or by a person who pushes a remote button). I would like to make a collage (akin to the auto collage feature in Picasa) out of the photos that the camera takes. So I would have the camera take the photos and automatically put them into a folder on the computer to which it is connected, have the program automatically create the collage (either on a timer or with every new photo taken), and project the photos onto a screen connected to the computer. The idea is that as time passes, more photos are taken, and the collage gets more and more filled with photos.

I suspect the task is far too complicated for a single, consumer program, but I wanted to ask and see if anyone had any ideas.