then its not journalism

by jj97403 - 1/15/13 6:06 PM

In Reply to: Re: freedom of press by Kees_B Moderator

Just because it is going on does not make it okay. If the ownership can trump editorial decisions then its not credible journalism. You make a valid point regarding Al Jazeera, (and the US Govt) and you and I could go back and forth with example and counter-example. (I'll give a couple below).

I think the difference here is that a product is being evaluated and an award given and thousands of readers trusted the credibility those reporting on it. With the benefit of hindsight, there should have been some disclosure.

If the magazine Car & Driver was owned by Nissan and and an award chosen by the magazine was squashed by ownership, then it'd be the same situation. Or if the New York Times ownership squashed an award for a book from the NY Times Book Review Dept because it ruffled the feathers of ownership then it is not a credible book review.