FAQ: How can I edit my own post?

Although frequently requested, at this time members cannot edit their own posts. The decision to disable post editing was based on:

1.) Abuse: Members who can edit their own posts can post--and have posted--derogatory or otherwise prohibited material and then, after it has produced the desired effect, such as offending readers, edit the comments out to make themselves look innocent of the accusations.

2.) Confusion: Members who can edit their own posts can cause--and have caused--confusion, advertently or inadvertently, by adding or removing information that others have already commented on in replies. The other members must then edit their posts in order for them to make sense in context.

3.) Workload: Members who can edit their own posts can create--and have created--additional work for the moderators by inadvertently forcing them reread each edited post to ensure that the new content is not offensive and is in full compliance with the forum policies.

Thus, as our forum administrator, Lee Koo, has said on the subject, "as discussed in the past, once history has been made--it sticks. So as it stands, it is very unlikely that we will ever allow editing of posts. I'm sorry and I hope you understand where I'm coming from."