Liberate the world and make everything free

I think candy and cars and new shoes and stuff should always be free. Minor shoplifting is a well-known thing and stores include it in their budgets. I mean, if you find a way to get it for nothing, then the system is not really trying to stop you,meaning they don't really care about you taking it for free, right?
Look, if you are smart enough to track it down for free, why be stuupid and pay for it?

On, now, seriously---of course the above remarks are insane.
Musicians may be artists, they may be Bohemian, they may be against the mainstream culture 9or not---ask opera singers that), byt they have a job, and they are working, and they have to live. They can't just live on the props you give them by shaking to their tunes free of charge. Look for the best price, the best bargain, but do pay for it.
I was relieved to see over 60% so far agree with this point of view, but it means the other 35+% or so are children up too late at night playing with their computers.

Another reader pointed out this seemed a desperate question and I sort of agreed at first, but the fact that the result is not 80% against stealing music is enough to make me wonder if it is worth discussing again.